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1948 Oneida Morning Star Community Flatware Set 45 pcs + 5 bonus pieces

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1948 Oneida Morning Star Community Silverplate Flatware Set

45 pieces + 5 bonus pieces

I am pleased to offer this 45 piece lot of Oneida-Heirloom Community Silverplate Flatware in the “Morning Star” pattern which was Oneida’s premier pattern in 1948.

This set belonged to my grandmother and was passed down to my parents after Grandma’s death in 1963. Ever since, we have only used it on holidays and special occasions in combination with our Noritake 1930s fine china (also for sale – see our other listings on the main page of this blog.) The silverware set has been kept in its’ original case for more than 50 years inside our family china cabinet, well protected from dust, humidity and environmental pollutants.

From the manufacturer’s literature (circa 6-17-1948):
Morning Star is perfect for traditional or modern settings. Deep sculptured carving and pierced detail add depth and richness to the design. It has the appearance of heavy hand-made silver. Every knife, fork and spoon in Community Silverplate has been made with Oneida’s unique balanced plating process. This assures a heavy plating of pure silver scientifically placed on each piece for maximum life and additional layers of pure silver are placed on the back of most pieces at the points of greatest wear.
This is a discontinued pattern. All pieces, unless otherwise noted, are original factory pieces, not monogrammed and in very good to excellent condition.

The original Oneida Morning Star Set includes:

1 Master Butter Knife 6 3/4″

7 Dinner Knives 9″

7 Dinner Forks 7.5″

7 Salad Forks 6 1/4″

2 Teaspoons 6″

2 Tablespoons 8.5″

7 Iced Tea Spoons 7 1/4″

1 Sugar Spoon 6″

1 Gravy Ladle 9″

1 Cold Meat Fork 8 3/4″

1 Olive/Pickle Fork 6.5″

8 Soup Spoons 8″

Additionally, you get 5 BONUS pieces that were not part of the original Oneida set. These are of similar vintage (late 1940s/early 1950s). The manufacturer is unknown, but they are obviously of fine quality — see photos above.

3 extra butter knives

1 sugar cube holder

1 slotted teaspoon

PRICE: $150

That’s 45 Oneida Morning Star pieces, plus 5 bonus pieces – 50 pieces in all for one great price!

If you purchased each of these pieces separately, the cost would be around $500. But you can have them ALL in this lovely set for only $150.

Why purchase fine vintage silver from a dealer who lives hundreds or even thousands of miles away when you can keep your money right here in Oklahoma? If you purchased this heavy item via mail order, the shipping cost would be very high. By picking it up locally, you save a bundle on shipping, packing, insurance, and handling fees.

* Includes all original documentation from Oneida; certificate of authenticity and guarantee, plus booklet.

* Comes with its original tarnish resistant wooden storage chest lined in blue velvet.  The chest measures approx 17″ x 12″.  The chest has a few minor scratches & nicks, but is in much better shape than most Oneida flatware chests of the same age being offered on the marketplace today. Interior of chest is also is very good condition — only one loop for butter knife on inside of the lid is broken. Chest was kept inside our family china cabinet for nearly 50 years, sparing it from dust, dirt, scratching and temperature/humidity fluctuations.

* All pieces are in very good condition with no noticable loss of plating and have only light signs of wear and typical mild surface scratches from use. A few pieces have a couple of tiny black specks. I will leave it up to the new owner to polish these pieces as desired by personal preference. Overall, a very nice set!




Please see my other items for sale. I have a gorgeous Noritake 53-piece china set from the 1930s that this silverware was always used with, along with many other vintage and collector’s plates from Haviland, Currier & Ives, WS George/Radisson, Holiday, the Bradford Exchange, and more. Also have some beautiful 1950s/60s vintage drinking glasses of cobalt blue glass that bring an elegant finishing touch to any table setting.

Viewings by appointment only. Please email me to schedule a time to come by and have a look at this and/or any of my other items.


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