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Antique 1940 Currier & Ives Collectors Plates – Set of 8

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Antique 1940 Currier & Ives Collectors Plates – Set of 8

I am offering for sale a complete set of 8 collectible antique Currier & Ives plates from 1940. These belonged to my grandmother who cherished and cared for them until her death in 1963 — at which time they were passed down to us. These plates were proudly displayed in our dining room for the past 40+ years and come with the original brass hanging hooks.

While it is difficult to part with these treasures, my mother has decided it is time to sell them as she is in poor health now and needs help paying her medical bills. We would ideally like to see these plates go to a loving home where they will be enjoyed for many more generations to come.


The publishing firm of Currier & Ives created the most popular and highly regarded lithographs of quintessentially American scenes ever produced. The quality, vast scope and engagingly populist style of their works have made their names synonymous with an idealistic vision of 19th-century American promise and optimism.

These particular Currier & Ives plates are highly sought-after by collectors today. Each plate is made of the finest quality materials and contains colored engravings of eight famous Currier & Ives lithographs. Every plate is 10.5 inches in diameter and decorated with a border design of pink and yellow roses and flowers with a smaller white flower dispersed between the larger ones.

Backstamp on every plate contains the title of each lithograph and manufacturer’s stamp that reads as follows: “Colored Engravings for the People. Published by N. Currier, Lithographer, 2 Spruce St. (nearly opposite City Hall), New York. For Sale Here. Adams, Est. 1657, England.” This refers to William Adams and Sons, Ltd. on Tunstall & Stoke, England. All plates in this series are dated 1940.

All plates are in very good to excellent condition; no chips, cracks, or repairs. A couple of the plates show some light crazing on the back ONLY (front of plate/image not affected). There is also some slight discoloration in a few spots on the back of the plates where the brass hangers were positioned for many years. See photos in our gallery slideshow for images of the front and back of each individual plate to assess them for yourself.  These images are available at


Plate #1) “Winter in the Country — The Old Grist Mill” (1864) Depicts a snow-covered homestead, grist mill, and frozen stream.

Plate #2) “The Road — Winter” (1853) Depicts a couple riding through the snow in a sleigh.

Plate #3) “The Star of the Road” (1849) Depicts a Southern Belle riding around the plantation in a horse-drawn carriage.

Plate #4) “American Express Train” (1864) Depicts a steam locomotive passenger train crossing America in the 1800s.

Plate #5) “A Midnight Race on the Mississippi” (1875) Depicts the Vicksburg, Natchez and New Orleans steamboat and the Eclipse riverboat trailing behind on the Mississippi River.

Plate #6) “Home to Thanksgiving” (1867) Depicts a farm family gathering for the holiday and exchanging greetings.

Plate #7) “The Rocky Mountains — Imigrants Crossing the Plains” (1866) Depicts a wagon train and early western settlers crossing the Rockies.

Plate #8) “Husking” Depicts early American farmers husking corn. From an 1860 Currier & Ives lithograph.

PRICE: $ 250



If purchased individually, these plates run around $40 each on the current collector’s marketplace and would cost you upwards of $350 with shipping, handling and insurance. But you can have them all for only $250 by buying locally. You’ll also save a bundle on shipping charges. No worries about these fragile treasures getting lost or damaged in the mail!

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EMAIL ME to schedule an appointment to view the Currier & Ives plates or any other items. Thank you!





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