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WS George/Radisson Antique “Colonial Couple” 22K Gold Plates, Set of 2

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WS George/Radisson Antique “Colonial Couple” 22K Gold Plates, Set of 2

Here we have a highly sought-after Victorian era pair of plates from the famous WS George/Radisson line. Highest quality fine china lavishly trimmed in real 22 Karat GOLD.

The decal depicts a man and a woman dancing, being serenaded by a flutist. This popular design is alternatively known as the “Colonial Couple,” also called “George and Martha Washington.” The pattern is GEO340 if you want to do some research on the various designs available in this series.

W.S. George started making their Radisson dinnerware lines around 1910, right after they purchased the East Palestine Pottery Co, and continued to produce it until around 1940. Radisson is based on the popular Haviland Ransom shape. The flatware is gently scalloped & embossed. The W.S. George Pottery Co. went out of business in the late 1950s. As best as I can ascertain based on family history and research, these two plates would date from appx. 1910-1930.

Backstamps read: “Imported H.K. China, 22 Karat. Radisson — W.S. George. Made in USA.” One plate is numbered #9978; the other is numbered #018B.

The rim of the plates are covered in a 2-inch ornate 22 Karat gold border, reminiscent of that done by Wheeling. With the price of gold on the rise, these plates are a worthwhile investment for that reason alone (but they look soooo good on your wall or in your china cabinet, too!).

Both plates are in excellent condition, with only a couple of small wear marks. Backstamps are somewhat faded in spots due to age and backs show some slight discoloration spots from where the original brass hangers were on the plates for many years. No cracks or chips on the plates at all.

These were NEVER used for serving food and never put in the dishwasher. They were part of my grandmother’s fine china collection and were proudly displayed in her home until her death in 1963. Ever since, we have kept them in our china cabinet, away from dust, humidity, and other environmental pollutants, so they are nearly as perfect today as they looked when new nearly a century ago. These are simply gorgeous…must be seen up close to be fully appreciated. Photos just don’t quite do them justice.

These are very fine plates with some great classic artistry, and would make a fine addition to any collection of vintage/antique china.

PRICE: $60 for the set of two plates


Why spend your money outside Oklahoma when you can buy locally and save a bundle on shipping/handling/postal insurance charges? Best of all, you need not worry about your delicate china getting lost or damaged in the mail when you pick it up right here in town!

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