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WS George/Radisson Antique “Colonial Couple” 22K Gold Plates, Set of 2

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WS George/Radisson Antique “Colonial Couple” 22K Gold Plates, Set of 2

Here we have a highly sought-after Victorian era pair of plates from the famous WS George/Radisson line. Highest quality fine china lavishly trimmed in real 22 Karat GOLD.

The decal depicts a man and a woman dancing, being serenaded by a flutist. This popular design is alternatively known as the “Colonial Couple,” also called “George and Martha Washington.” The pattern is GEO340 if you want to do some research on the various designs available in this series.

W.S. George started making their Radisson dinnerware lines around 1910, right after they purchased the East Palestine Pottery Co, and continued to produce it until around 1940. Radisson is based on the popular Haviland Ransom shape. The flatware is gently scalloped & embossed. The W.S. George Pottery Co. went out of business in the late 1950s. As best as I can ascertain based on family history and research, these two plates would date from appx. 1910-1930.

Backstamps read: “Imported H.K. China, 22 Karat. Radisson — W.S. George. Made in USA.” One plate is numbered #9978; the other is numbered #018B.

The rim of the plates are covered in a 2-inch ornate 22 Karat gold border, reminiscent of that done by Wheeling. With the price of gold on the rise, these plates are a worthwhile investment for that reason alone (but they look soooo good on your wall or in your china cabinet, too!).

Both plates are in excellent condition, with only a couple of small wear marks. Backstamps are somewhat faded in spots due to age and backs show some slight discoloration spots from where the original brass hangers were on the plates for many years. No cracks or chips on the plates at all.

These were NEVER used for serving food and never put in the dishwasher. They were part of my grandmother’s fine china collection and were proudly displayed in her home until her death in 1963. Ever since, we have kept them in our china cabinet, away from dust, humidity, and other environmental pollutants, so they are nearly as perfect today as they looked when new nearly a century ago. These are simply gorgeous…must be seen up close to be fully appreciated. Photos just don’t quite do them justice.

These are very fine plates with some great classic artistry, and would make a fine addition to any collection of vintage/antique china.

PRICE: $60 for the set of two plates


Why spend your money outside Oklahoma when you can buy locally and save a bundle on shipping/handling/postal insurance charges? Best of all, you need not worry about your delicate china getting lost or damaged in the mail when you pick it up right here in town!

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Various Vintage Collector’s Plates — Starting at Only $10

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Various Vintage Collector’s Plates

I am offering a variety of beautiful, hand painted collector’s plates dating from appx. the 1910s-70s. All are in excellent to mint condition. No chips, cracks, or restoration/repairs of any kind.

These have been in my family for many decades — some since my grandmother’s time — and were always proudly displayed in our dining room. They were never used for serving food, never put in the dishwasher. These plates have been kept in a suitable archival environment away from direct sunlight, so the paint/pattern colors have not faded much over time.

Must be seen up close to be truly appreciated. I encourage you to come look at these in person, as the photos just don’t fully capture their beauty.


1) Noritake plate, circa 1910s-1930s. Depicts wild vegetation against a gorgeous yellow and brown background. Pattern name not given on backstamp. Original Noritake wreath stamp. $25

2) Limoges 8-sided octagon shaped antique porcelain serving plate, circa late 19th/early 20th century. Hand painted pink tea roses design over a serene pink, green and white pastel background. Inner well of plate is also octagonal and edges are gilted. Has original “B&CO Limoges, France” backstamp, dating it between 1893-1930. Very unique! $50

3) Haviland plate, signed by Hawes (artist). Gorgeous hand-painted antique floral design with tiny white, blue, and pink flowers over a brilliant orange, green and white background. The back bears the identifying mark of the Haviland & Company Limoges Porcelain Factory, (underglaze full name with “France” in green), as referenced by the “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain”, 3rd edition, by author Mary Frank Gaston…dating this piece to between 1894 and 1931. Stunning! $35

4) 6-sided small dessert serving plate. Fine china features high glaze and sparkling gold trim all around the edges. Depicts two pink roses on the vine; one large rose in full bloom, one still budding. As there is no backstamp, the manufacturer is unknown. No artist signature. A bit of a mystery, but oh so lovely and feminine — just like a woman! $20

5) Holiday China, large dinner plate. Hand painted and signed by Tapper (artist), dated 1971. Depicts a winter scene with children playing in the snow. Backstamp reads: “Holiday China V, Made in Germany.” $10

6) Large dinner plate, hand painted and signed by Hilda Shaw (artist), dated 1957. Depicts purple and blue flowers against a white/sky blue background. No backstamp or manufacturer info given at all — back of plate is completely blank. A very interesting and beautiful piece nonetheless! $15

Choose just one, or a few…or take the lot of all six for $150.

I also have vintage brass display stands/holders available for only $5.00 each (pictured). They look great with these plates! If you take all the plates, I’ll throw the holders in for free.


Why spend your money outside Oklahoma when you can buy locally and save a bundle on shipping/handling/postal insurance charges? Best of all, you need not worry about your delicate china getting lost or damaged in the mail when you pick it up right here in town!

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Bradford Exchange Collector’s Plates: The Panda, The Sound of Music

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Classic Bradford Exchange Plates

I am offering two highly sought after Bradford Exchange collector’s plates while they last!!

1) “The Panda” by Will Nelson. 1988 first issue, endangered species series of animal studies. Sponsored and authenticated by the Wildlife Society. Depicts a mother and baby panda in the wilderness. Fine porcelain with 24k gold trim edge, 8.5 inches diameter. Each plate in this limited-edition series is hand-numbered and this is plate # 6220A. The Bradex # is 84-G20-15.1

Condition: Very good. Please note this plate has a slight factory defect (visible in photos) — glitch on mama panda’s arm. Otherwise this plate is in perfect shape, like brand new.

PRICE: $10

This plate sells elsewhere for $20-165. See more info about it at the links below:

2) “The Sound of Music” — 1986 first issue, collector plate Bradex no. # 54-k41-18.1. This was the first of a series of eight collector plates inspired by the classic film “The Sound of Music”. This firing category is dated 1986-1987 and was limited to 150 firing days. Issued by Edwin M. Knowles and endorsed by the estates of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. Limited Edition beautifully created by Artist T. Crnkovich. Each plate is numbered and signed; this is plate #16040D. 8.5 inches diameter.

Condition: Excellent/Mint.

This plate sells elsewhere for $30-75 — more info below:

Display hangers included with each plate. Sorry, it appears the original boxes both plates originally came in were lost.

PRICE: $15

Or, take both plates for $25


Buy locally, get a better price, save on shipping/handling fees and have no worries about your precious collector’s china getting lost or damaged in transit! Keep your money in Oklahoma!

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Antique 1940 Currier & Ives Collectors Plates – Set of 8

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Antique 1940 Currier & Ives Collectors Plates – Set of 8

I am offering for sale a complete set of 8 collectible antique Currier & Ives plates from 1940. These belonged to my grandmother who cherished and cared for them until her death in 1963 — at which time they were passed down to us. These plates were proudly displayed in our dining room for the past 40+ years and come with the original brass hanging hooks.

While it is difficult to part with these treasures, my mother has decided it is time to sell them as she is in poor health now and needs help paying her medical bills. We would ideally like to see these plates go to a loving home where they will be enjoyed for many more generations to come.


The publishing firm of Currier & Ives created the most popular and highly regarded lithographs of quintessentially American scenes ever produced. The quality, vast scope and engagingly populist style of their works have made their names synonymous with an idealistic vision of 19th-century American promise and optimism.

These particular Currier & Ives plates are highly sought-after by collectors today. Each plate is made of the finest quality materials and contains colored engravings of eight famous Currier & Ives lithographs. Every plate is 10.5 inches in diameter and decorated with a border design of pink and yellow roses and flowers with a smaller white flower dispersed between the larger ones.

Backstamp on every plate contains the title of each lithograph and manufacturer’s stamp that reads as follows: “Colored Engravings for the People. Published by N. Currier, Lithographer, 2 Spruce St. (nearly opposite City Hall), New York. For Sale Here. Adams, Est. 1657, England.” This refers to William Adams and Sons, Ltd. on Tunstall & Stoke, England. All plates in this series are dated 1940.

All plates are in very good to excellent condition; no chips, cracks, or repairs. A couple of the plates show some light crazing on the back ONLY (front of plate/image not affected). There is also some slight discoloration in a few spots on the back of the plates where the brass hangers were positioned for many years. See photos in our gallery slideshow for images of the front and back of each individual plate to assess them for yourself.  These images are available at


Plate #1) “Winter in the Country — The Old Grist Mill” (1864) Depicts a snow-covered homestead, grist mill, and frozen stream.

Plate #2) “The Road — Winter” (1853) Depicts a couple riding through the snow in a sleigh.

Plate #3) “The Star of the Road” (1849) Depicts a Southern Belle riding around the plantation in a horse-drawn carriage.

Plate #4) “American Express Train” (1864) Depicts a steam locomotive passenger train crossing America in the 1800s.

Plate #5) “A Midnight Race on the Mississippi” (1875) Depicts the Vicksburg, Natchez and New Orleans steamboat and the Eclipse riverboat trailing behind on the Mississippi River.

Plate #6) “Home to Thanksgiving” (1867) Depicts a farm family gathering for the holiday and exchanging greetings.

Plate #7) “The Rocky Mountains — Imigrants Crossing the Plains” (1866) Depicts a wagon train and early western settlers crossing the Rockies.

Plate #8) “Husking” Depicts early American farmers husking corn. From an 1860 Currier & Ives lithograph.

PRICE: $ 250



If purchased individually, these plates run around $40 each on the current collector’s marketplace and would cost you upwards of $350 with shipping, handling and insurance. But you can have them all for only $250 by buying locally. You’ll also save a bundle on shipping charges. No worries about these fragile treasures getting lost or damaged in the mail!

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